Josie Cunningham, class, and the fame game

Glamour models, boob jobs, Big Brother and misogyny sounds like a Big Night In round at Mail Online’s place, so it’s of little surprise that aspiring model and one-time cosmetic surgery patient Josie Cunningham has hit headlines again this week. Boringly she hasn’t been fighting with Jodie Marsh, or pouring her curves into a bikini, or having an affair with Peter Andre, all of which might be quite interesting for a celebrity gossip connoisseur like myself. Nope, her crime this time is exercising her rights under the good old Abortion Act of 1967 to terminate an unplanned pregnancy so she can progress her career as a glamour model on the celebrity circuit by appearing on Big Brother.

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Though she be but little, she is fierce (Prancing Through Life)

It’s 1996 and 3-year-old me is in the supermarket with my heavily pregnant mum and an arm I broke in an earlier bid for freedom which saw me build a staircase of cuddly toys to escape my playpen. I’m characteristically running riot in the aisles until eventually my poor mother loses her temper and shouts at me. The rest of the shop look on in shock, indignant that anyone could ever be angry with a tiny, curly-haired, broken-armed angel like me – after all, I couldn’t be more than a year old or so, could I?

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