5 Reasons I Won’t Be Joining the Women’s Equality Party

When Sandi Toksvig and co. announced they were starting the Women’s Equality Party, I didn’t have especially high hopes: the three white, middle-class women at its helm rang some bells about who might be excluded and, besides, I’ve never been convinced that radical feminist action is best achieved inside the fundamentally oppressive framework of party politics. But I – perhaps naively – did think that with the right people involved from the start in shaping policy and direction, perhaps the WEP could be a force for good. Their policy launch this week, though, sadly did very little to exceed my already low expectations. Here are some of the reasons why.  … Read More

When will we stop hating on teenage girls?

This blog mentions eating disorders and sexual assault in passing so take care of yourself if you find those things difficult to read about!

A quick glance at twitter will inform you that today is the International Day of the Girl, with many charities and individuals alike seizing the opportunity to talk about fundamentally important issues like access to education, gendered experiences of poverty, and violence against women and girls. So far, so good. A quick glance at twitter will also inform you that Zoella is about to upload a new baking video, #ANALLCAPSHASHTAGABOUTHARRYSTYLESISTRENDING, Justin Bieber is number one in 10 countries and that the X Factor is back on tonight. Are you rolling your eyes yet? … Read More