It may be shallow and salacious, but don’t blame Tinder for online misogyny (The Guardian)

To any woman who has whiled away an evening texting friends screenshots of sordid chat-up lines and unsolicited explicit pictures, the news that Tinder is a breeding ground for sexism won’t come as much of a surprise. After all, for every fairytale romance and long-term relationship the four-year-old app has spawned, you can bet there’s a group of tipsy singletons in a pub swapping unsavoury Tinder stories and declaring romance dead. … Read More

Middle-class feminism has a blind spot over female cleaners (The Guardian)

Think of your colleague on the next computer, or the person who lives in the house opposite. What do you know about them? Their immediate family’s names, probably. Pets, maybe. Jobs, interests, what they got up to at the weekend? Bar a few gaps, you could probably give a pretty good potted history of these acquaintances. Now what about your cleaner?

It is a question that many of us should be equipped to answer, given that one in three UK families are now employing someone to take on their domestic labour – with many thought to pay less than the new national living wage. … Read More