Radio 2 Interview – Conservative Leadership Election and Feminism

A few days ago I was invited to appear on Radio 2 as part of a debate about whether an all-woman race for the Conservative leadership is a feminist victory. Just as we were about to go live, Andrea Leadsom went and stole my thunder by pulling out of the race. As a result, I ended up only doing a short interview bit about my thoughts instead of a proper debate, but you can listen below if you’re interested. … Read More

The Jeremy Vine show – Safe Space Debate with Kate Smurthwaite and Eve Livingston

Last week I appeared on Jeremy Vine’s radio 2 show debating with Kate Smurthwaite (who was no-platformed by Goldmsiths Student Union) about safe space and whether it’s a threat to free speech. (If you’re in any doubt I was obviously defending safe spaces and the rights of unions to protect their members and use their resources as they choose). Listen again below if you fancy: … Read More

The F-Word radio show highlights

In the last two years of my degree, I presented a show on our student radio station called ‘The F-Word’ which I liked to think of as ‘woman’s hour’s younger sister’. The show was unashamedly about feminism and aimed to bring quite challenging topics to a new student audience who might not have thought too much about them before; I did this by bringing guests in to debate issues punctuated with ‘feminist anthems’, quizzes and other fun features. This quick podcast brings together some highlights of one semester of the show. … Read More