6 ways George Osborne’s tampon tax plans are a bloody disgrace

Protests against the EU’s VAT on euphemistically named ‘feminine hygiene products’ have long been headline news, with feminists across Europe rightfully calling out the injustice of a tax on female reproductive organs – not to mention the assertion that sanitary products are luxury items, as if mood swings and bleeding from the vagina every month is a blissful joy that we should all be eternally grateful for. … Read More

More women MPs is no silver lining to a Tory majority

If your politics are anything remotely close to mine, you’ve very probably also spent today in a cyclical state of delirium, heartbreak, confusion and fiery rage, wondering where on earth all these bloody Tories crawled from. If your extended social circle is anything remotely close to mine, you probably don’t even know where to start; I identified perhaps one solitary happy Tory this morning and promptly deleted him with a particularly aggressive click, boosting my mood for all of 0.25 seconds. The truth is that my entire inbox, newsfeed and twitter timeline is filled with bemused and dismayed people – the overt right-wingers and their sympathisers are hard to find in the cocoon I’ve diligently built myself over the last few years. Easier to identify, though, are the well-meaning liberals; those who know that voting Conservative isn’t the done thing but who … Read More