Radio 2 Interview – Conservative Leadership Election and Feminism

A few days ago I was invited to appear on Radio 2 as part of a debate about whether an all-woman race for the Conservative leadership is a feminist victory. Just as we were about to go live, Andrea Leadsom went and stole my thunder by pulling out of the race. As a result, I ended up only doing a short interview bit about my thoughts instead of a proper debate, but you can listen below if you’re interested. … Read More

Don’t confuse the Conservatives’ embrace of female leaders with feminism (The Guardian)

You wait 26 years for another female Tory leader and then two candidates come along at once. Between Margaret Thatcher’s resignation in 1990 andDavid Cameron coming to power in 2005, the Conservatives had seen six leadership elections featuring 14 candidates, with not a single woman to be found on the ballot. Yet here we are in 2016, with Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom fighting it out not just for party leadership but for the keys to No 10 too. … Read More

6 ways George Osborne’s tampon tax plans are a bloody disgrace

Protests against the EU’s VAT on euphemistically named ‘feminine hygiene products’ have long been headline news, with feminists across Europe rightfully calling out the injustice of a tax on female reproductive organs – not to mention the assertion that sanitary products are luxury items, as if mood swings and bleeding from the vagina every month is a blissful joy that we should all be eternally grateful for. … Read More