A sexist culture of low expectations is limiting our ideas of fatherhood (The Guardian)

Blame it on my own daddy issues or the sound of the Daily Mail counting down my biological clock, but I have to admit I have a soft spot when it comes to dads. Be it a cringeworthy Facebook comment from a friend’s proud father or the mere sight of a man playing peekaboo with a giggling baby on a train, my heart instinctively melts for a man carrying out the bare minimum of his parenting duties, while I largely take for granted the many millions of mothers doing the same. … Read More

Corporate feminism oppresses women. Here’s how. (The Guardian)

What would you do with £119,000? It’s a nice problem to have, but not one the majority of us will ever have to grapple with, given that the average UK income is £26,500.

The £119,000 threshold is what it takes to become one of the UK’s super-rich, the top 1% of earners in the country. They are concentrated in sectors such as finance and business, and between them they are worth more than £250bn to the UK’s economy. It also just so happens that only one in five of them are women, according to new research released by the LSE. … Read More

Gender Quotas at Edinburgh University (FreshAir.org.uk)

Edinburgh University has no immediate plans to introduce gender quotas on its university court, despite recommendations in recent reviews and growing pressure from students, it has transpired.

The news comes after it was revealed that NUS Scotland Women’s Campaign have prioritised campaigning around the Von Prondzynski Report, a review into governance in Scottish Higher Education that suggested 40% of places on governing bodies should be reserved for women. Despite the discussion of quotas being one of the areas of the report to generate most concern amongst Edinburgh University’s Court – the governing body of the University – many of its members failed to respond when contacted for comment. … Read More