5 Reasons I Won’t Be Joining the Women’s Equality Party

When Sandi Toksvig and co. announced they were starting the Women’s Equality Party, I didn’t have especially high hopes: the three white, middle-class women at its helm rang some bells about who might be excluded and, besides, I’ve never been convinced that radical feminist action is best achieved inside the fundamentally oppressive framework of party politics. But I – perhaps naively – did think that with the right people involved from the start in shaping policy and direction, perhaps the WEP could be a force for good. Their policy launch this week, though, sadly did very little to exceed my already low expectations. Here are some of the reasons why.  … Read More

More women MPs is no silver lining to a Tory majority

If your politics are anything remotely close to mine, you’ve very probably also spent today in a cyclical state of delirium, heartbreak, confusion and fiery rage, wondering where on earth all these bloody Tories crawled from. If your extended social circle is anything remotely close to mine, you probably don’t even know where to start; I identified perhaps one solitary happy Tory this morning and promptly deleted him with a particularly aggressive click, boosting my mood for all of 0.25 seconds. The truth is that my entire inbox, newsfeed and twitter timeline is filled with bemused and dismayed people – the overt right-wingers and their sympathisers are hard to find in the cocoon I’ve diligently built myself over the last few years. Easier to identify, though, are the well-meaning liberals; those who know that voting Conservative isn’t the done thing but who … Read More

Gender Quotas at Edinburgh University (FreshAir.org.uk)

Edinburgh University has no immediate plans to introduce gender quotas on its university court, despite recommendations in recent reviews and growing pressure from students, it has transpired.

The news comes after it was revealed that NUS Scotland Women’s Campaign have prioritised campaigning around the Von Prondzynski Report, a review into governance in Scottish Higher Education that suggested 40% of places on governing bodies should be reserved for women. Despite the discussion of quotas being one of the areas of the report to generate most concern amongst Edinburgh University’s Court – the governing body of the University – many of its members failed to respond when contacted for comment. … Read More